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Best Offer Of The Year !



★★★★★12500+ 5 star reviews

Celebrate our 3 year anniversary with a 50% OFF sale

Best Offer Of The Year !

5 Reasons Why This Bundle is 

Flying Off the Shelves 

(and Why You Need It 

on Your Next Fishing Trip)

★★★★★ 12500+ 5 star reviews

Celebrate our 3 year anniversary with a 50% off sale

Captain Rick here! 20 years on the water, I've seen it all: sunburns that sting worse than a missed catch, clothes that fight every move, and sunglasses that offer zero protection. 

But the Obalus Sun & Fun Bundle changed the game. The Cast & Chill Jacket keeps me cool and casting freely. Polarized Sunglasses? Crystal-clear vision, goodbye glare! 

Finally, comfy, fast-drying Castaway Shorts with tons of storage. New gear can be pricey, but this bundle is worth every penny. 

You'll be comfortable, focused, and ready to reel in the big one! Trust me, grab the Sun & Fun Bundle and thank me later. Tight lines!

1. The Math Behind the Savings

Let's talk value. Here's how much this winning combo would cost you piece by piece:

Castaway Shorts: $50

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses: $35

Cast & Chill Jacket: $45

Altogether, that's a hefty $130! But the Sun & Fun Bundle brings all this essential fishing gear together for just $95. That's a sweet $35 saved you can use on more bait, another fishing trip, or bragging rights at the dock!

The Sun & Fun Bundle is your shortcut to fishing bliss. Ditch the frustration of buying piecemeal and upgrade your next adventure. Your comfort, focus, and wallet will thank you!

2. Sun Protection & Unrestricted Casting with the Cast & Chill Jacket

Sunburns aren't just uncomfortable, they're a health hazard. 

The Cast & Chill Jacket offers UPF 50+ protection, blocking harmful UV rays so you can fish all day safely. 

Made with lightweight, breathable fabric, it moves and stretches with you for unrestricted casting and a comfortable fit. 

No more feeling restricted or weighed down by bulky clothing.

3. Spot Fish & Look Sharp with Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Squinting through cheap sunglasses trying to see your lure? Not anymore. 

The Obalus Polarized Fishing Sunglasses cut through glare reflecting off the water, making it easier to spot fish. 

Say goodbye to blurry vision and hello to clear, sharp focus. 

These sunglasses also provide essential UV protection for your eyes, keeping you safe and comfortable on the water.

4.  Dry Comfort & Freedom of Movement with Castaway Shorts

Forget stiff, uncomfortable fishing shorts that fight against every move.

The Castaway Shorts are built for both protection and performance. Made from water-resistant material, they keep you dry whether you're wading through streams or battling unexpected splashes. 

Reinforced seams and wear-resistant fabric ensure these shorts can handle anything you throw at them. 

Multiple pockets keep your essentials organized, and the 4-way stretch fabricmoves freely with you for maximum mobility while casting, bending, or climbing.

5. Sun Protection Beyond 35

Sun protection is crucial for everyone, but as we age, it becomes even more important for sensitive areas like the thighs and groin.

Obalus Castaway Shorts extend sun safety beyond basic coverage. Their comfortable, protective design safeguards your intimate areas from the sun's harmful rays.

With Obalus Castaway Shorts, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about sun damage in these delicate areas.

30-Day Guarantee
Obalus Sun & Fun Bundle

★★★★★  Rated 4.8/5 by 10,998+ Happy Customers


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a trophy fish (and a cooler full of ice for the catch). Tight lines, everyone!

  • All-in-one solution

  • Discounted price

  • Crystal-Clear Vision

  • Dry & Mobile

  • Sun Protection & Comfort


Loved by 35870+ Customers

Loved by 35870+ Customers

Experience Fishing Like Never Before: The Obalus Bundle

  • All-in-one solution

  • Discounted price

  • Crystal-Clear Vision

  • Dry & Mobile

  • Sun Protection & Comfort