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Obalus Outdoor Water Filter Straw

$44.99 USD

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Are you fond of trekking the great outdoors? Is camping more of your hobby and passion than you enjoy with family and friends? If you do, then you understand that there are situations where finding a reliable, safe, and clean source of water is an issue. 

The good thing is, we have the best solution for your problems. Our Outdoor Water Filter Straw allows you to get water from any source you can find and filter it into drinkable, safe, and sanitized water. 

At the same time, you can bring our Outdoor Water Filter Straw wherever hiking trip or trekking adventure you’d like. It works like a trusted water filtration facility that you can fit conveniently in your bags. 

But, what makes our Outdoor Water Filter Straw the best among other available items in the market? Read on to discover. 

Easy-to-Use and Convenient for Travelling

It doesn’t matter if you collect water through your drinking apparatus or drink directly from the source. Our Outdoor Water Filter Straw will do the filtering process for you! The structure of our product allows ease of use and portability when you are traveling, trekking, or hiking. 

Each Purchase Comes with Complete Accessories

When you purchase our product, you are not only getting one item. You’re getting the complete set of items you’ll need for safe and hydrated trips. Each purchase comes with the straw, carabiner clip, water filter, and injection for regular cleaning. 

Effectively Filters Up to 1000 Liters of Water

There’s no doubt that our Outdoor Water Filter Straw is your hydration buddy whenever you’re enjoying the great outdoors. This small yet effective apparatus can filter up to 1000 liters of water. 

"This is very useful and convenient to have. I always take my water filter when I go hiking, fishing, and camping. Now, I don't have to worry about running out of clean drinking water. FYI, I always take enough water with me. But during hot summer days, I consume lots of water. So this water filter really comes in handy. Thank you!" Chris T.

Because water is essential for your wellness and safety, it is only a must that you purchase a device that allows you to drink safe and clean water. Our Outdoor Water Filter Straw is the product you’ll never leave again when you go on a hike.