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Obalus Electronic Fish Finder

$99.99 USD

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Do you want to haul a large catch? Are you not having enough luck with your hauls nowadays because you can’t seemingly find where the good spots are? If you said yes to these problems, we have the perfect solution for you! 

Our Electronic Fish Finder boasts the top-rated technology that combines portability and function that you’ll love. What’s more, it’s efficient and quick offering you maximized hauls in just a few moments. 

If you want to optimize your time and enjoy fishing because of the many fishes you’ve caught, our Electronic Fish Finder is the solution you need now. 

Are you wondering how our device is the best of other available items in the market? Read more below. 

Highly-Effective for Locating Fishes

You can now catch more fishes because our Electronic Fish Finder maximizes sonar technology that is helpful in determining areas where fishes are currently located. What’s more, it gives you an alarm that will signal you as to where the fishes are going.

Distinguishes Fishes, Rock, and Sea Bottom 

Unlike other devices, our Electronic Fish Finder clearly differentiates fishes from rock and sea depth. In this manner, you don’t have to confuse yourself with other elements that may waste your time. 

Impressive Depth and Width Capacity

You don’t need to be stuck in one place to make this device work. With its capacity of 130 feet in depth and 400 feet in operational angle, you can catch more from other places. 

Portable, Durable and is Powered with 4 Triple-A Batteries

Whether you’re going out fishing with the guys or going on a fishing trip on another state, the Electronic Fish Finder is a fishing buddy you can always keep by your side. Just keep your batteries ready and you’re good to go.

"I love the quality of this device. I took it to our recent fishing trip. It worked! We had a nice (fish) dinner. Thank you for this device." David C.

The Electronic Fish Finder guarantees accurate location, wide and deep signals of operation, and portability that you deserve for a fishing buddy.